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Gut Health Blog

7 Stress Busting, Gut Soothing Strategies

Our bodies aren’t build for the near-constant, low-level stress that seems unavoidable in modern life, and our gut in particular suffers as a result. We dive into 7 effective strategies that can help you turn things around.

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Does The Food We Eat Affect Our Gut Bugs?

You might think it’s a statement of the blindingly obvious to say that the food we eat affects our microbiome. But then consider that doctors in the UK, US and similar countries receive no training in nutrition, the most important way to care for our microbiome.

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Four Powerful Steps to Reverse Autoimmune

Autoimmune conditions bring misery to an estimated 20% of the population. Conventional wisdom is that they are incurable but many people are beating these conditions by healing their gut. Let’s see how they’re doing it.

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