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Gut Health Blog

Are You Overweight AND Malnourished?

The word ‘malnourished’ conjures up images of thin, hungry, unfortunate folk, lacking enough food and nutrients to be fit and healthy. Surely if we have enough food to be overweight then we can’t possibly be lacking anything, right?

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Food to Fix You

Are you daunted by the idea of following a complicated gut-healing diet? Just remember a few key principles and before long you’ll be cooking up the tastiest dishes you’ve ever made and getting healthy at the same time. Check out these three recipes to get started.

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Desserts That Won’t Destroy You

Here at Gut Geek, healthy eating isn’t all about boring, green salad and fat-free yoghurt. Hell no! It’s about loving food while making conscious meal choices. These desserts will actually make you healthier!

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