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Luvele Pure Plus Yogurt Maker (SCD & GAPS Diet)

Eating homemade yogurt is a fantastic way to boost our gut health as it’s full of friendly gut bacteria, often in much higher numbers than probiotic supplements.

Create your favorite, probiotic-packed, preservative & additive-free yogurt at home with the Luvele Pure Plus Yogurt Maker.

Featuring a 24 hour digital timer for creating SCD & GAPS diet friendly yogurt, as well as three incubation temperature settings of 97, 100 and 104 degrees F, the perfect temperature range for the good bacteria to grow and the live active cultures to flourish.

Tip: You don’t need to miss out on the awesome gut-healing benefits of homemade yogurt even if you’re lactose intolerant as you can make it with coconut cream instead of cow’s milk.

Key Features

  • Water-bath technology for accurate and even temperatures through the incubation process
  • 24 hour digital control timer
  • Three temperature settings 97, 100 and 104 degrees F.
  • Waterproof touch-panel design
  • Automatic switch off
  • Strong 2L Borosilicate glass container (1.5L glass container available for separate purchase)

How to use

The yogurt maker comes with full instructions including step-by-step guides on how to make regular yogurt, SCD/GAPS yogurt and coconut yogurt.

For more info on the benefits of homemade yogurt check our article: Two Superfoods To Heal Your Gut That You Can Make Yourself

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