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Recommended Websites


There are thousands of food and health blogs out there, where on earth do you start? Sure, you can find lots of advice on eating well and fixing your health, but there’s so much advice on the internet, it can be completely overwhelming.

Below are some of the most reliable, trustworthy and entertaining blogs that will help you fix your gut and get healthy. If you’re just getting started they’ll introduce you to the basics, and if you’re already a food and health geek, they’ll take you deeper.

1. Mark’s Daily Apple – Mark Sisson’s riff on the Paleo diet. You’ll find a wealth of information about cutting down on grains, lowering sugar intake and turning your health around. Mark puts gut-health front and centre of his approach. Take a look

2. Chris Kresser – You’ll find heaps of in-depth infomation on tackling health issues the natural way, and Chris takes gut health very seriously. His starting point is Paleo but with emphasis on personalisation for you. Take a look

3. Dr Alejandro Junger – Tons of info on cleansing and rebalancing your gut, together with amazing recipes that taste awesome while also detoxifying your body. Take a look

4. Wellness Mama –  An amazingly deep resource on natural nutrition, supplements and remedies. Katie gives you the low-down on everything from rebalancing your hormones to making natural cosmetics Take a look

5. Dr Mark Hyman – NY-Times Bestselling author and medical doctor, Dr Mark’s focus is on the simple steps you can take to improve your health with as few pharmaceutical drugs as possible. Take a look

6. Paleo Mom –  Start here for an intro to healing your body with the Paleo diet, or dive deep into Sarah’s science-based guides and recipes. You’ll also find a big section on treating autoimmune conditions. Take a look

7. Bulletproof Executive – Dave Asprey manages to be way out-there and spot-on all at the same time. His Bulletproof Diet is high in healthy fats and low in inflammatory grains like wheat. I also like his focus on optimising brain function through diet. Take a look

8. Mind Body Green –  This site is a great resource for natural nutrition and digestive health. Take a look  They also have video courses on nutrition and juicing.

9. Cultures For Health – THE place for learning how to do geeky things with food that your gut will love, like fermenting and sprouting. You can also buy starter cultures for making your own kefir, kombucha, yoghurt and sourdough at home Take a look

10. The Good Gut – A treasure trove of gut-related information: you’ll find everything from explanatory guides on our microbiome and probiotics to nutritional therapies and the latest gut health news. Take a look

11. Wheat Belly – Dr. William Davis blames everything on wheat, but then again he might just be right… Take a look